M Ravi Lie to Singapore Law Society

(To create awareness to who may needed)

Witnessed one disgraceful incident of this M Ravi, whom a Human rights lawyer, quite disappointed with SG’s law system.

This M Ravi, secretly took he’s client’s 29k (solicitor account, breached Penal Code and Solicitors Account Rule), happy happy go shopping and spent 3k at jack wills, then pass the rest of the monies to various people. After been complain on this, he asked he’s friend to borrow money from ah long to put back the money. This case been bought up to SG Law society but seems he’s able to lie through the whole lawsuit and nothing happened to him. To be honest, the whole things surprised me. Never expect outcome can be like this!

Maybe because M Ravi is famous for stir things up, to keep its popularity. Government and police not able to do anything to stop him from abusing SG law system. It’s doesn’t mean with the title of human right lawyer; he can treat other people nonhuman and threaten the foundation built by generations of faithful good lawyer – Singapore law society. I’m totally disappointed with the SG’s law system that leaves a loophole to be played with.
If u know he’s past, he got many cases against him, assaulting, misconduct, then still can be a lawyer? With this kind of people in SG’s law society, how to trust? People spend thousands of dollars to fight for their rights, in then end met this kind of people, Funny!

I’m not sure who can help to escalate this issue, on surface M Ravi may looks good, but the way he plays around with SG law society creates an very negative impact on SG law society’s image. Hope one fine day there can be justice.
Some news about his past, hope you can support me to get the justice back.

人权律师拉维 知法犯法欺骗律师协会

亲身经历睹一位算是知名的人权律师拉维(M Ravi)的一次知法犯法可耻事件,让我对新加坡的法律制度非常失望。

这位拉维律师,在客户不知情的情况下偷偷挪用了客户将近两万九的资金(律师为客户保管钱财的帐户,擅自挪用会违反《法律专业法》的”律师帐户规则”). 他拿到这些钱竟然去购物,还花了三千多购买jack wills的奢侈衣物,然后将剩下的钱转给了其他人。在被人投诉后,他居然让他的朋友从大耳窿借钱去还。更让人气愤的是,律师公会经手他的失信案的时候,他竟然可以在整个诉讼中撒谎,完全没有被惩罚到?这整个事件让我感到很惊讶,真没想到结果会是这样!

如果您去翻看他的过去,就会发现他已经受到过很多控告,打人,失信,教唆他人骚扰,行为不检的案件。我想不通为什么这样的人还能成为律师! 在新加坡法律协会中,怎么会有这类人呢?让人如何相信法律?人们花大笔钱打官司,为自己的权利奋斗,然后一不小心遇到像拉维这样的律师,可悲还是可笑!

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